A Drone Chronicle

Even the most tech-savvy of business people can run into headaches when they attempt to implement technology solutions into their operations, and the team at Cedar Valley is no exception. While our vision to fuse tech and agriculture is what fuels our passion, no one said it was going to be easy.

A perfect example of this came to light when we began the process of employing drones to help automate our growing efforts. After a lot of research and even more discussions, we decided on what we felt like was the right drone for our specific needs, the DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral drone. It’s a phenomenal tool of technology, and it looks like it’s straight out of Star Wars. To say the team was giddy with anticipation while they waited for its arrival is an understatement.

Upon delivery, the team ran into a whole new set of challenges that had not been predicted. This model of drone was so new to the market that the 3rd party sales rep that we were working with was completely unfamiliar with the specifics of the model we had purchased.

This led to a very long road filled with frustrations and miscommunications. There were software problems because we used older models of drones in the past, but the software not being as new as the Phantom 4 made our prior processes and software applications moot. There were connection issues related to the drone’s GPS functionality that no one could seem to resolve…basically we had an incredible piece of cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, but no idea how to utilize it in the way we wanted.

However, the Cedar Valley crew is a tenacious bunch. We don’t back down from a challenge. The team soldiered on and learned how to fly it on their own – without crashing and destroying it. They learned how to use the drone to scan and map our fields of hemp on their own, and ultimately – through a fair share of trial and error – they found the right software for the farm’s needs.

It was a harrowing path, but plenty of insight was gleaned from traversing it. All of which serves the greater purpose of what we are out to accomplish at Cedar Valley Farms; taking the guess work out of technology driven agriculture in the hemp industry. We are tackling issues like this so that future hemp farmers don’t have to.







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