Growing Better with Tech

Hemp farming is difficult. Due to the highly regulatory nature of this emerging commodity, farmers need access to testing facilities, genetics companies, equipment sellers, and much more. At Cedar Valley, through our farms and our labs, we are working to help farmers connect these dots. At the farm, we are growing hemp in a variety […]

Hemp: Our Versatile Friend and Environmental Savior

For centuries, hemp has been used by dozens of different civilizations to produce fabrics and other goods. It has a fibrous material which can be transformed into a variety of different products. It also poses a much more sustainable alternative to cotton and other traditional crops. Here are just a few ways that hemp’s versatility […]

Bringing Mission Control Direct to Farmers

Variety is abundant at Cedar Valley. From the multitude of hemp products we are creating to the range of tech gear we employ to grow it, you’re likely to find something new and interesting wherever you look…and this rings true with not only our goods and services, but also with our people. Donnie Kerr is […]

Rethinking Smokable CBD

There is a lot to be excited about out at the farm right now. Our successful first harvest has provided us with the foundation we will utilize to bring an extensive line of hemp products to life. We started researching the current landscape of hemp derived / CBD-based consumer goods currently available on the market […]

Hemp from the Heartland

Currently, out in the great state of Ohio, the Cutter family (pictured left ) and a few Cedar Valley staff members are tying up loose ends from the farm’s first hemp harvest. It’s been a lot of work – over 50K plants total came off the field and out of the greenhouse – but also […]

Decoding Hemp

The Cedar Valley team has gleaned a wealth of knowledge during our first growing season. From one perspective, hemp can seem like a rather unassuming little weed…but taking a closer look at this ancient and versatile plant reveals a vast assortment of intricacies that modern agriculture is only starting to unravel. For example, when you […]

Ohio State University Tours Cedar Valley Farms

This week out at the farm, we had a couple small groups from Ohio State University stop by for tours. Guests included university faculty and researchers who were curious to know what we’ve been up to. Our CEO, Shawn Cutter, took time out his busy harvest schedule to share his insight on what this first […]

Harvest 2020 – Lessons in Making the Inevitable Invaluable

With our greenhouse harvest behind us, we’ve been busy with the main event: Cedar Valley’s first outdoor harvest. Last week we had a team of 15 to 20 people (including some mighty kind neighbors and friends of the farm) working 12-hour days.  Everyone went above and beyond and we were able to successfully harvest just […]

Big Hempin’ Ain’t Easy

To say we have been busy out at the farm these last few weeks is to put it lightly. Last month, the crew at Cedar Valley began our first hemp harvest. We started with our greenhouse grow, which is where we grew our highest quality hemp that will be used in a line of smokable […]

Hemp Research

At Cedar Valley Farms, our ultimate goal is to establish hemp as a lucrative agricultural commodity. A key component to accomplishing that goal is utilizing science and technology to drive precision farming methods. That is why Magdalena Pancerz, Cedar Valley’s Director of Research & Development, is currently working on a soil study out at the […]