Growing Better with Tech

Hemp farming is difficult. Due to the highly regulatory nature of this emerging commodity, farmers need access to testing facilities, genetics companies, equipment sellers, and much more. At Cedar Valley, through our farms and our labs, we are working to help farmers connect these dots.

At the farm, we are growing hemp in a variety of different ways, from out in the field to state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities. This serves to create a symbiotic relationship with our labs team, giving them access to study and collect data on hemp cultivation.  This, in turn, helps to inform and develop technology-driven solutions for hemp farming. These solutions, like Cedar Valley Labs’ artificial intelligence platform agMD, are then put to the test back on the farm to further understand how to make this tech more efficient, easier to use, and accessible to all farmers and their needs.

However, there is a limit to the data that can be collected on one farm. That’s why Cedar Valley has developed partnerships with leaders in this new field, like the seed genetics company Trilogene and agricultural institutions including Ohio State University. These partnerships give us access to farms across the globe, providing us with more information to develop into workable results. It also helps to further the cycle and reach of the symbiotic nature of our work by enabling Cedar Valley to provide our partners access to the data they need in their respective areas of the hemp industry.

In our efforts to improve efficiency in agriculture, Cedar Valley is also creating a network of the some of the best minds currently in hemp farming and beyond. Together we are conceiving and creating products that will drive agribusiness forward through technology.


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