Guidelines for Purchasing CBD Oil


The CBD marketplace is currently swarming with new brands marketing products to curious consumers. This can make it a difficult marketplace for the average consumer to navigate.

Many products are putting ‘CBD oil’ on their label but they may not actually contain any CBD at all.

As a consumer, you must be careful. There are CBD oils out there that may have lesser amounts of CBD, or higher amounts of THC, or synthetically produced cannabinoids while others could contain harmful solvents.

Here are 5 tips to stick to when purchasing CBD oils:

1.Look for credible reviews

The easiest way to find quality CBD oil and avoid the fakes? Read the reviews on trusted websites like Consumer Reports.

2. Verify the product is organic

Some extraction methods use detrimental solvents or substances. Choosing an organic brand is one of the surest ways that you can be certain that your CBD oil or CBD product is free from harmful substances.

Third-party test results can let you know that you aren’t getting harmful pesticides, solvents, or nasty substitutes like synthetic CBD.

3. Transparency is key

Companies that openly disclose their cannabis sourcing and production methods are more credible.

If a company is not offering clear and transparent information regarding where their plant material is sourced from, their extraction and production, then you have cause for suspicion.

4. Research 3rd party information

Third-party lab test results posted on the retailer’s website increases its credibility. Simply lookout for products that have undergone rigorous testing and have the certificate to prove it.

And if retailers make these test results easily accessible and regularly update them, then you know that you are on the right track.

5. Credible retailing and marketing tactics

When you are looking to avoid fake CBD products, don’t just stop at the test results. Pay attention to how the company is promoting its brands. If it seems like the website is an afterthought, it’s likey their product is sub-par

Always look for contact details. If things look suspicious, make sure they are valid by calling them before making a purchase.






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