Josh Cutter – CVF COO

“Growing up we learned a lot from our parents. But the key has always been hard work. There are always going to be good times and always going to be hard times. Push forward and don’t give up, with hard work in your family or at your job you can be successful.”

Josh Cutter, COO of Cedar Valley Farms, recently took some time to share his insights about the ins-and-outs of working in the emerging market of hemp on his family’s farm. As a Cutter, he and his family have a long lineage of farming in their blood. Anyone can attest to the beauty and the burden that accompanies the nuances of their family. So, I asked Josh what the secret was to work efficiently on the farm with his family…his answer was as honest as it is true.

“I don’t know if there is a secret to working with family.  We have just done it for so long now that we know what to expect from each other. After our dad passed away we all got thrown into roles we weren’t ready for. It hasn’t been easy for us all to settle in those roles and was definitely a struggle for many years. Around year 6 or 7 I feel like we really started to figure out who each of us really were, and that we could count on each other from a business standpoint. We have worked together where necessary and worked apart too.  Along the way if we didn’t like what someone was doing, we just straight up told them what was on our mind. Don’t beat around the bush or wait for problems to build, just get it out there, take the ass chewing that you probably needed, and get back to work.”

The earnestness of his response also serves to underscore the hardworking nature of the Cutter family. Their ability to put aside egos and petty squabbles for the sake of a greater good is undeniably a tenant in the Cutter legacy. When I asked him why he felt hemp was important, it’s obvious he and his family see a greater good in what the plant can do for a lot of folks.

“Hemp has been important throughout the last year and really years before that. Last year I had some medical issues and that’s when I began taking CBD, I don’t have proof that it helped me, but I believe that after my surgery it sped up my recovery and got me back to work. I’ve watched enough people in my life struggle with cancer and if this could be a product that can help them through that, then I’m in. If it can help my mother with arthritis, then I’m for it. If there is some hand cream that finally can help with dried out hands from doing concrete every day, then let’s do it.”

As far as the future is concerned, Josh sees a bright one out on the farm. What started with an idea within a family farm has now grown into a team consisting of experts on and off the hemp field.

“For the future of Cedar Valley, I can see the sky is the limit. It really comes down to how much we as a family want to take on and to allow to grow.  There are so many avenues of this space I could see us being good at, or they just need fixed. Cedar Valley could go as far as we want it. As long as we all stay together and keep our sanity along the way.”



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