3rd Party Lab Tested

Maybe you haven’t noticed the tiny stickers on the side of our labels, one of which reads “3rd Party Lab Tested”. If you have noticed them, do you know what 3rd Party Lab Tested actually means? It comes down to the fact that you can trust what we claim about our products due to them being 3rd Party Lab Tested, so they are actually what we say they are!

Third Party Labs are not affiliated with Cedar Valley Farms, so there is no bias.
Testing confirms THC content and CBD potency, so you know it’s legal and you are getting what you pay for.

It also confirms purity and that there are no harmful contaminants in your product.

Testing also ensures compliance with federal and state regulations.

Knowing the composition of a product in regard to CBD and THC and what amount makes them effective helps us invent new products with amazing results in the future.

We take pride in offering transparency in our products and our company as a whole. Our products are what we say they are, and we can prove it!