A Closer Look at The Specs - Broad vs. Full

When choosing a CBD product, one common question arises from most consumers, "Will this show up on an drug test?" In order to find the answer to this question, it would be wise to take a look at the ingredients and how the product was made.  

To begin, it is necessary to know what's legal in the state in which you live. In Ohio, for example, recreational marijuana is currenlty illegal. Those wishing to consume marijuana in Ohio can come close with a product called Delta-8. Delta-8 is currently legal in Ohio but has presented quite the gray area due to what it actually is and its makeup. Delta-8 is a form of THC; however, most of the time, THC is referred to as Delta-9. The difference between the two is their atomic makeup, which creates Delta-8 to be less potent or strong than Delta-9. Although Delta-8 is legal in some state, it is quite possible for it to be present on a drug test.  

The thing to examine is if your CBD product was made with full or broad spectrum oil. What determines if the oil is full or broad spectrum happens during the refinement process. Full spectrum contains CBD, THC, & terpenes from the plant. Terpenes are the oils within the cannabis plant that give it its specific aroma. So, although a full spectrum oil product may contain only small traces of THC, if you use a CBD product that is made with full spectrum oil, there is a possibility that it too may show up on a drug test. 

With broad spectrum oil, during the refinement process, the THC is removed, but it does still contain the plant's terpenes. By choosing to consume a CBD product made with broad spectrum oil, it eliminates the potential fear that it would show on a drug test. 

The purest form of CBD is in isolate form. Isolate is in a powder form and is used as a CBD additive in many different products. It contains no THC and no terpenes, just CBD. CBD products that are made with isolate will not show up on a drug test. Just as the processes of hemp farming are not simply stated, answering one of the most commonly asked questions from CBD consumers is more than just cut and dry.