A Light in the Dark

With the holidays over, some of us struggle to say goodbye to all the hype and hoopla with friends and family. Perhaps even packing away all the lights and dazzling decor can trigger a tear or two. Furthermore, the latter months of winter can be solely responsible for us not feeling emotionally up to par. 

Our serotonin levels can naturally drop when there is less daylight, and winter definitely deprives us of the light our minds and bodies need. This can make it challenging to stay motivated and in a positive state of mind. In fact, about 10 million Americans experience SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which mimics all the symptoms of major depression; this is obviously not conducive to achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates emotion, stress, and mood. CBD is a natural remedy that has shown potential to positively alter serotonin levels. Additionally, CBD has shown anti-inflammatory properties. How is this relative to depression? Some research suggests that depression is in part an inflammatory disease; therefore reducing inflammation naturally with CBD could reduce symptoms of depression. 

CBD offers a natural, more gentle alternative to symptoms of depression without the many risks that can come with anti-depressant medications.

The goal is to provide insight on the many potentials that CBD has a natural remedy. It has shown much promise to provide aid to a wide range of physical and mental ailments. What could you accomplish with natural? Let the natural light in and find out.

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