CBG - What Is It & How Is It Different from CBD?

Most people today know what CBD is and may even use it frequently as its popularity has been on the rise, especially since the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018. As some of us may know, CBD is the abbreviation for "cannabidiol", which is a compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it cannot get you "high", and it is known to have theraputic and medical benefits, although not yet approved by the FDA. Many different types of products now contain CBD, and there are different types of CBD additives that are also currently available. 

CBG is another cannabinoid that is beginning to take over the popularity contests due to its potential to have a plethora of theraputic and medical benefits. Research is still in progress on what particular aid this compound can bring to people, but studies so far have shown it to be very promising and perhaps even able to surpass those benefits found with CBD and even THC.  CBG stands for "cannabigerol" and is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Neither it nor CBD have intoxicating effects, which combined with their potential to have healing properties, makes them both attractive to a wide range of consumers. Although, again, CBG has the potential to attain more advantages than most other cannabinoids including CBD. 

Humans have an endocannabinoid systeym that controls basic functions of the body such as appetite, sleep, pain, mood, immune function, etc. The significant difference between CBD and CBG is the molecular structure or atoms that make up these compounds. Their molecular differences alter where they attach and how they affect the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system of the body.Thus, creating different amounts and types of (potential) healing and/or theraputic remedies. 

Don't be surprised when CBD isn't the only cannabinoid hitting the shelves. CBG is hot on the trail to prove its powers, and researchers are determined to bring the truth to light.

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