Cedar Valley Farms, A "Cutt" Above

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." (Maya Angelou) Doing the best and striving for better is an understatement for the Cutter family and their farm at Cedar Valley. Not only do they do the best, but they are constantly seeking "better" in all ways. In addition to that, they don’t just allow knowledge of “better” to come to them; they create it, apply it, and provide better for all. More efficiency throughout the entire hemp business is constantly being sown at Cedar Valley, and to achieve it, they let absolutely nothing stand in their way. They have created their own tools, solutions, and processes in every facet of the “field”. Their family’s concoction of fierce work ethic, brilliance, and experience is constantly applied to the knowing better and then doing better concept, which puts them a “Cutt” above.

The Cutter creation of Cedar Valley Farms is quite the scene to be seen, or rather experienced. As you stroll through the 20-foot high doors of the state-of-the-art, hand-crafted facility, the crisp country air gently brushes across your face as your eyes behold 180 acres of earthy, open farmland, and the faint scent of citrusy pine from fresh hemp flower filters through your nose. A sense of peace and serenity envelops you. The awe-struck aura may be followed by a sense of intrigue as you stumble across several personal inventions sprinkled throughout and perched perfectly in their respective positions. The components that created this tranquil atmosphere full of harmony and wonder paint a slightly different image though, that which include dirt-stained hands, sweat-saturated clothing, fatigued muscles, and mental exhaustion. These characteristics are seen all throughout the complex operations of this corporation and are the reason Cedar Valley Farms holds the paintbrush proudly to the handcrafted farm that once was just a dream.

The dream of Cedar Valley began to flourish quite quickly as its current status was achieved in 1 year, from the ground up, and with their own hands. After the idea of a hemp farm sprouted in their minds, establishing the farm required the demolition of previous dairy farm remnants. This consisted of destructing and burning dilapidated buildings, clearing debris, and preparing for the new. Dust eventually cleared the air, and the rubbish was soon carried away, allowing space for the new facilities. Experience within the family from ownership in other industries played a large hand in the construction of the new buildings. The Cutters are seasoned entrepreneurs with ownership in the oil and gas industry, concrete, construction, dairy and grain, and even the field of technology, among others. The extensive business-world background is a unique Cutter characteristic that was highly impactful in bringing the hemp endeavor to fruition overall. The masterpiece currently consists of 27 acres of field for outdoor crop, a state-of-the-art facility for drying and processing, and an indoor greenhouse that can hold 1,500 plants. Additionally, there are future plans for expansion, as the Cutters have secured a second, larger indoor greenhouse at another site.

However, their ingenuity goes far beyond just a structural masterpiece. They have developed technology tailored to the cultivation of hemp, and in a short amount of time, they have personally invented many of their own tools and solutions to achieve more efficiency through each process of hemp cultivation.