Cedar Valley Farms' Stance on Issue 2

This past November brought another general election to Ohio, which included a couple issues that stirred up a whirlwind of confusion, frustration, and quite the hubbub in some areas. One of those issues, as many of us know, was Issue 2, which resulted in allowing commercialization, regulation, legalization, and taxation of the adult use of cannabis or what is better known as marijuana.

The passing of this issue has brought many questions and perhaps uncertainty amongst our followers, supporters, and customers in regard to what that means for hemp and CBD here at our farm. Instead of wandering around in a wellness wonderland, we want to reassure you of our values and mission at Cedar Valley Farms.

Just as it was before the passing of Issue 2 and as it will always be, our number one priority is providing natural wellness. In conjunction, we take pride in offering safe, natural remedies that are grown with our own hands and with complete transparency along the way. We highly value the multitude of health benefits from hemp-derived CBD, and that will never change.

Although derived from the same plant, there is a difference between hemp and marijuana. Hemp contains a low THC content while marijuana is known for a higher amount of THC. THC is the component within the plant that with a higher potency can cause psychoactive feelings. Despite these tendencies, there has been medical value found in marijuana; however, CBD is perhaps more notorious for its wellness properties.

With our facility being GMP certified, it allows for us to consider utilizing our site in versatile scenarios. Whether we someday add a “greener” line to our wellness products, or allow for outside, reputable growers or manufacturers to use our space, we have a variety of options. Regardless of what the future holds, wellness will ALWAYS be our focus.

Rules and licensing guidelines will have to first be established by the government before we would even begin heading down another avenue, which could be at least nine months or even longer if lawmakers amend Issue 2. For now and for always, you can rest assured; CBD is a main focus here at CVF.