Controlling the Culprit: Inflammation

While making medical claims with CBD is prohibited due to its lack of FDA approval, there have been plenty of studies that have proven its value in physical and mental health and wellness. Through tests and trials, one aid that CBD has become notorious for is solving inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection. Facing this discomfort following an injury, bee sting, etc is something we’ve all experienced but something that only lasts short term. However, when inflammation is chronic with no resolve, it becomes a bigger problem. Did you know that inflammation is a key factor in many serious diseases and conditions like cancer, alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, chron’s disease, parkinson’s, and even depression?

While CBD may not completely cure these serious diseases, it does show promise in offering a natural aid to the agonizing symptoms that accompany them or perhaps even steer one’s optimal health in a better direction.

If CBD is a route you choose to take, there are some key factors to keep in mind. For example, it often takes time, some personal experimentation, and patience to see CBD’s true potential and find the perfect fit for each individual.

Our relief topicals provide immediate relief to targeted areas of soreness, but ideally they would be paired with an internal form of CBD such as gummies or tinctures to help manage things like chronic inflammation, which as mentioned above, is associated with such a wide range of health conditions.

Of course there will be effects noticeable after one dose such as a clear mind, decrease in anxious feelings, and even slight relief of certain discomforts. However, due to CBD’s gentle nature, it takes time to reach a higher level of symptom management or relief for more serious conditions. After 2-3 weeks of daily use, evaluate how you feel and if the chosen product is the right one, the proper amount, or if you should consider a different option.