"Do I Need Gummies & Tinctures?"

Finding the most effective CBD regimen is sometimes difficult, especially if there are any product details that are a little fuzzy. This occasional question has surfaced several times in the past, so we thought maybe we should provide an answer.
Q: “If I am taking CBD oil, do I need to take gummies too?”

A: If you are already taking a substantial amount of CBD in the form of an oil, you shouldn’t really need to take another form, such as a gummy, in addition. Usually only 1 form of an internal CBD product should suffice. However, making sure that your product has a high potency of CBD is important. As a general rule, a good recommendation is to ensure that you are getting at least approximately 30 mg of CBD per serving (not per bottle). You can then adjust your dosing accordingly, whether you feel you need to take one in the AM and perhaps one in the PM, or just one dose per day.

On the other hand, if you are taking a CBD oil regularly during the day, and have trouble sleeping at night, taking an additional CBD product such as a CVF CBD Nighttime Gummy in the evening in conjunction with your morning dose of CBD is definitely not a bad idea. Unlike Rx medications, there is very little evidence of people overdosing on CBD, while generally CBD can be tolerated in fairly high doses and is not intoxicating. With that said, there are dosage guides for a reason, so taking extremely too much could cause some uncomfortable side effects.

Using an internal form of CBD such as CVF’s tinctures or gummies in conjunction with an external form of CBD such as CVF’s CBD Relief Topicals or Roll-Ons is definitely recommended. This is the ideal duo because you are providing aid from the outside in with the external product AND from the inside out with the internal product, which really gets to the core of the issue.

In summary, if you have a potent internal CBD product that works well, you generally don’t need to take an additional internal CBD product unless it is manufactured for something specific.