GMP Certified!

October is the season for change - changing colors, changing temperatures, and possibly even changing your image with a fun and daring costume. This fall, Cedar Valley is adding some flare to our image by wearing a new label of certification. Cedar Valley has officially achieved the status of GMP certification and couldn't be more delighted, not only for our company, but to offer higher standards to our customers! This new garb, however, isn't one we'll be taking off any time soon, or ever.

What does GMP certification mean and what does it take to earn GMP certification? GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and has everything to do with quality control for industries or entrepreneurs. These practices are evaluated by the state with every detail of production being examined including the tools used, the building itself (in regards to safety and cleanliness), and the training and hygiene of staff. It holds each and every component of the facility, inside and out, to a much higher standard, consisting of 15 different areas that must meet strict guidelines. Not only must the facility meet specific criteria, but they must also continue to follow it and show constant improvement.

The components of GMP certification that require specific standards be met range from Sanitation & Hygiene, Equipment, Materials, Premises, Documentation, Complaints & Product Recall, and Quality Management & Assurance to name a few. Specific and detailed documentation must be in place throughout each and every process of the facility, providing a sizzling sense of security.

Cedar Valley highly values producing quality products for our customers, which is why there was the burning desire to take our standards to the next level. Meeting and maintaining this superior level of state-regulated standards ensures beyond the claim of the company itself a safe, first-rate product that is credible. Attaining knowledge of how Cedar Valley operates and the standards to which we are held is something you can feel warm and cozy about this fall and all year long.