Hemp Biomass is Recyclable!

Along with recycling your paper, plastic, aluminum, and various other materials, did you know that hemp biomass can be recycled for many different purposes?

"As leftover components of hemp are usually discarded after processing, it would be more sustainable to recycle the stems, leaves, and other unused parts of the plant... One of the most exciting and emerging uses for hemp biomass is in bioenergy production. The term bioenergy refers to renewable energy from biological sources, such as biomass, which can be converted into heat or processed into gases or liquids such as ethanol and biodiesel, among other things.

...hemp is not only a suitable bioenergy raw material, but also an extremely efficient phytoremediator for soils contaminated with heavy metals and radionuclides. This circumstance could possibly offer an opportunity to benefit twice from the cultivation of the hemp plant: through bioenergy production as well as soil decontamination."

The uses for hemp are endless. Check out this interesting article that explains the many different uses of hemp past cultivation - amazing! https://blog.signature-products.com/hemp-biomass-for-bioenergy/