Raising the Bar

Why do the plants have to be hung to dry even if they're not wet? The drying process is an essential part of preserving the buds of the plant, as it helps accentuate the flavor by absorbing the plant's terpenes. Terpenes are the organic compounds found in the plant that help determine its specific aroma and flavor. These terpenes are used in a variety of products such as cosmetic, cleaning, and even food and drink.

In order to dry plants in large multitudes, it's obvious that a specific system would have to exist. The current hanging system in place at the Cedar Valley Farm originated in the mind of one of its owners, Josh Cutter. Typically, this mechanism would be used for hemp that was picked from the outdoor field due to the mass amount of crop that would be coming in. However, seeing as how the drying nets were already at full capacity from the current greenhouse harvest, this system was more than a sufficient back up.

The hanging system allows the plants to hang freely to dry after being picked from the field, or in this case, the greenhouse. This personal design is not only efficient but quite fascinating. It covers the ceiling of the Cedar Valley processing barn in entirety and is operated by the use of a drill. The key feature that puts it above other systems is that it allows all employees to stay on the ground while the pole that strings a net which holds the plants raises and lowers at the push of a button.