Spring Cleaning the Medicine Cabinet

Have you been taking the same medications for a prolonged period of time only to get the same inadequate results? Have your ailments truly been solved or have only your symptoms merely been masked? Perhaps even worse is being left with unresolved health issues and a list of new problems in other areas of your body. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to clean out the medicine cabinet and make room for a more holistic approach.

To elaborate on the seriousness of side effects seen in drugs, an article from the National Library of Medicine stated that, “Sixty-nine percent of drugs have between 10 and 100 different side effects; 22% of drugs have more than 100 side-effects; only 9% of drugs have less than 10 side-effects.”

Side effects from drugs, or adverse drug reactions, are now a significant healthcare issue. To highlight the depth of this problem, severe drug side effects are believed to be the fourth leading cause of death in the US, totaling approximately 100,000 deaths annually.

Our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal themselves, so why not approach with gentleness and patience whilst perhaps assisting ourselves with remedies from nature and time to heal? This is not to say that certain medications and pharmaceuticals have no place in healthcare, but healthcare providers today seem to rashly draw up the pen for another prescription too generously when a natural, safer method could be considered.

Honey, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, cinnamon, lemon juice, mint, and bergamot are all natural ingredients often kept in the cupboard by those practicing holistic methods and rightfully so considering their healing potentials. However, consider the following list of ailments: arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, inflammation, migraines, IBS, nausea, eczema, psoriasis, PTSD, acne, allergies, bee stings, sunburns, dandruff, gout, oral pain, and depression. What if there was one natural remedy that could potentially solve all of these and more? While refraining from making any medical claims, it is worthy to note that many medical studies and personal experiences exist showing hemp-derived CBD to attain this power. Have you designated a section in your wellness cabinet for this natural wonder yet?