Stuck on Hemp

If you are in the hemp farming business, the image with this blog post may look familiar to you, especially after a few hours in on harvest day!

When continually handling the plants, everything begins to get a bit sticky, such as the fingers of staff members' gloves, clothes, and any tools being used such as clippers or brooms and dust pans. Remnants of leaves begin to get stuck to the bottom of your shoes like this image of a Cedar Valley team member on harvest day.

This is because the cannabis plant contains a stickiness that can be felt when handling its buds. What is this stickiness? The stickiness is called resin and is contained in what is called a trichome.

Trichomes are tiny, hair-like features found on the bud of the cannabis plant. If a plant has an abundance of trichomes, that means it has a lot of resin or will be exceptionally sticky.

The resin is an important component of the plant because it contains the cannabinoids and terpenes which is what is made into products. Resin also acts as a defense mechanism to protect the plant from pests and potential predators.

We're always going to be stuck on hemp at Cedar Valley Farms but especially on harvest day!