The Entourage Effect

CBD is one cool candidate to consider adding to your entourage this season! The Entourage Effect is actually a term used to describe the effects of CBD and THC and the impact that they have on the human body when they work together.

This theory states that when ALL the compounds found in the cannabis plant work together, there is a stronger effect than when they are used separately. Read on to understand what this means for you as a CBD consumer.

For instance, not all CBD products are manufactured the same, meaning that they can be made with different extracts. Some products are made with Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, some are made with Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil, and some are made with pure CBD Isolate.

To keep things clear, take a look at the extracts in the image below to see the cannabis compounds that each contain.


As you can see from the image above, products made with Full-Spectrum Oil would be most likely to create the Entourage Effect due to it containing three compounds from the cannabis plant: CBD, terpenes, and THC. (Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds in all plants, including hemp, that create aroma and flavor.)

Our CBD gummies are made with Full-Spectrum Oil, so if you're looking to enjoy a CBD product to the fullest, these are the perfect pick! Although CBD products made with Full-Spectrum Oil do contain THC, there are only trace amounts. However, if you have any concern about consuming a CBD product that contains THC whatsoever, then you would benefit most from a product that is made with Broad-Spectrum Oil or Isolate, although sacrificing the said Entourage Effect. Entourage or not, the benefits of CBD are endless including a flurry of options that can easily fit any lifestyle.