The Truth About Promoting CBD

Natural wellness is becoming more of a trend as people are starting to seek functional methods of wellness and stray from the overuse of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, CBD’s natural health benefits are becoming more acknowledged, accepted, and even sought after. As refreshing as this sounds, the struggle to advertise, promote, and even sell this federally legal remedy is real. So even though many people are checking “Yes” for CBD, its limitations have certain scenarios left with a “No”.

Although CBD is federally legal, it is still waiting on approval from the FDA. In addition, despite its legality across the country, cities and states may still have regulations that vary limiting its availability. CBD’s lack of FDA approval leads to many advertising platforms being leery of allowing ads that make any kind of health claim. This can make it near impossible to state or promote what this amazing, natural remedy actually does.

Without FDA approval, there are strict guidelines and limitations placed on marketing verbiage as to what CBD companies can say about their products. For example, imagine trying to promote a product where its main benefit is relieving pain and the word, “pain” cannot be used or claimed. Alternative descriptors such as, “soreness” and “discomfort” don’t always carry the same value or connection with consumers.

Social media platforms often limit the visibility of the content on CBD accounts without notifying them. The number of views on videos and posts are next to none when the verbiage or an image reflects that of CBD. Another dilemma is not having the option of paid advertising. These drawbacks are due to CBD content (that is accurate, safe, and true) being against their policies because CBD falls into a gray area, and they again want to avoid any type of potential health claims.

Securing a payment processor presents another struggle for CBD companies as many will not be available to them due to the range of regulations with CBD across the country. Many processors also want to simply avoid the stigma that CBD carries to eliminate any potential risks.

While so many people are finally seeing the benefits of CBD and gaining a true love for it, the control and limitations placed on promoting it often leave those selling it feeling broken hearted.