"Will CBD Make Me Feel Funny?"

Awareness of what CBD is and stories of its healing potentials have begun to massively spread causing its rise in popularity to be on fast forward. However, this common question still surfaces quite often, especially when choosing which CBD product is the best fit: "Will CBD make me feel funny?"

The answer lies within which type of product you use. Cedar Valley Farms' CBD Wellness line contains products that are manufactured with either our Full-Spectrum CBD Oil or our CBD Isolate, neither of which will make you feel "funny" or have psychoactive effects.

All CBD products sold in Ohio must contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal. You can rest assured that all of our products follow these guidelines, are regulated by the state, undergo 3rd party lab testing, and have matching COA's to prove their content.

Our Full-Spectrum products will have small traces of THC, which will give you better benefits without the psychoactive feelings but could show on a drug test. Products made with our CBD Isolate will have zero THC, so no chance of "funny" feelings here and no chance of anything showing on a drug test.

Our CBD line does include an extension into Delta-8, Delta-9, & Delta-10 products, which contain a higher THC content, although still under 0.3%. These products, on the other hand, do have the potential to cause psychoactive feelings, which is why we always recommend a slow start. This type of strength is ideal for those suffering from more severe situations.

We welcome questions and discussions to help guide you to the CBD product that will be best for you and your situation. Shop online, stop and see us at the farm, or call us to start your natural journey to your best self.