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CBD Chill Noses Pet Tincture

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Our Chill Noses line will allow you to keep your furry friend a little more "chill", during stressful situations.

This product comes in the form of a tincture that is water soluble for the convenience of placing a droplet into your pet's water bowl for a drinkable dose. If that method is too "ruff", you can drop a dose right under your dog's tongue to ensure a simple swallow. This tincture treat comes in the yummy peanut butter flavor that pets love!

500 MG bottle, serving size: 1ml (1 drop), servings per bottle: 30

Dosage Guide: Our pet tincture has a dropper included - measurable in ML. As with human medication, we recommend taking with food. Tip: Split the recommended doses between your pet's meals until you know the exact efficacy.

  • 0-25lbs = 0.5ml
  • 25-50lbs = 1ml
  • 50-75lbs = 1.5ml
  • 75+ = 2ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelly S.

I almost had to re-home Lynx! This CBD oil in the smallest dose every day has cured him of his crazies! Now he even kisses his brother, stopped peeing outside the litter box, and doesn't scream and cry when we leave the room.

Debbie P
Love for our Pooch!

Absolutely love this product for our pooch! He suffers from seizures and I have tried several different CBD Oils and didn't really notice any difference. Once I started using Chill Noses his seizures have become less severe and he comes out of them easier.

John R.
The Bomb!

We have two great danes that have crazy anxiety when we leave. We have tried many similar products like this one, but this one is the bomb compared to all the other ones that we have tried.