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CBD Chill Noses Pet Treats

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Treat your family fluff to feeling happy and calm in any situation or environment with Cedar Valley Farms' CBD Pet Treats! The delicious bacon flavor will have them doing all sorts of cute acts to taste this tranquil treat!

Our CBD Pet Treats are made with our natural, premium CBD isolate making them THC Free! Use these CBD-elights to improve things like: Spa Day Scaries, Vet Fret, Thunder and Frightening, Un"fur"miliar Feelings of discomfort, and more!

There is 250 MG of CBD per jar. Each treat is 10 MG CBD, and there are 25 treats per jar.  

Steps to a happy, calm pet - naturally: 1. "Speak" to your vet 1st 2. Once ok'd by vet, have pet perform any cute act 3. Give 1 (10 mg) Cedar Valley CBD Pet Treat per every 30 lbs of body weight 4. Relax and enjoy!