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CBD Relief Topical Large - 5000 MG

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5000mg CBD relief cream in a 3.4 oz bottle

Customer Reviews

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Brent Smith

I have had low back pain for several years, and decided to try something other than a typical warming rub. I started using Cedar Valley Farms Maximum Relief, and was amazed at the difference it made. I am back to normal in half the time!! I definitely recommend this product to anyone with aches and pains!

Amanda Sorenson

I was in so much pain from I though was a pulled muscle in my neck, turns out it is a herniated disc causing so much pain in my neck, shoulder and all the way down my arm. THIS STUFF RELIEVES THE PAIN!!! Works so well!!

Patrick F.
Lifetime Customer

I drive 6-900 miles a week and this cream has made a huge impact on my back and neck pain the last few months. An absolute lifesaver. Lifetime customer. There are no better CBD products available than those found at Cedar Valley.

Sondra D.

My husband had experienced such amazing relief from Cedar Valley's CBD Relief Topical for his broken hand that I decided to try it out on my throbbing trigger finger and painful nettles that I got all over my arm. The agony from both was gone in about 10 minutes after use! Unbelievable!

Marilyn S.
Can't Live Without It!

I can't live without it. This lotion is the only thing that relieves the pain in my wrist, back, and shoulders from scoliosis and arthritis.